Founded in 2015 by the Otxo and Mario Conti. Volta produces timeless and contemporary metal mobiles for your home. Their pieces are inspired by abstract art and artistic movements of the 20th century. All the mobiles from Volta are handmade from reused metal and are sustainably produced. Both elegant and light, this mobiles that resemble wind sculptures are perfect for any corner or shelf, and will become a focal point because of their bold colors and liveliness. The brand's environmental commitment extends to the product packaging which is recycled and the product itself is also recyclable. Each mobile is durable and UV resistant, entirely crafted by hand in their studio.


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Stockholm Metal Table MobileStockholm Metal Table Mobile
Seoul Metal Table MobileSeoul Metal Table Mobile
Seoul Metal Table Mobile Sale price129,00€
Santorini Metal Table MobileSantorini Metal Table Mobile
Paris 74 Metal Standing MobileParis 74 Metal Standing Mobile
Paris 48 Metal Standing MobileParis 48 Metal Standing Mobile
Dallas Metal Standing MobileDallas Metal Standing Mobile
Cuzco Metal Standing MobileCuzco Metal Standing Mobile
Bengal Metal Standing MobileBengal Metal Standing Mobile
Roma Metallic Table MobileRoma Metallic Table Mobile
Paris 35 Metal Standing MobileParis 35 Metal Standing Mobile
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Tao Metal Table MobileTao Metal Table Mobile
Tao Metal Table Mobile Sale price109,00€
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Sydney Metal Table MobileSydney Metal Table Mobile
Sydney Metal Table Mobile Sale price149,00€


Elegantes y ligeros, estos móviles que parecen esculturas de viento son perfectos para cualquier rincón o estantería, y se convertirán en un punto de atención por sus atrevidos colores y su vivacidad. El compromiso medioambiental de la marca se extiende al embalaje del producto, que es reciclado, y al propio producto, que también es reciclable. Cada móvil es duradero y resistente a los rayos ultravioleta, y está hecho a mano en su estudio.