We are El Moderno Gallery

Passion for art

El Moderno Gallery is the result of a shared dream and a passion for art. We are Julien Desmarescaux, Delphine Costenoble, and David Yerga, three souls united by the conviction that art should be accessible and live in every corner of our daily lives.

Quiénes están detrás de El Moderno Gallery

Julien Desmarescaux - A dreamer without borders, Julien left his job, his country, and his home with a mission: to create a space where art is not only appreciated but lived. Julien brings to the team unwavering determination and a financial vision to make the gallery a unique place. His courage is the spark that ignited the flame of this project.

Delphine Costenoble - With the wisdom that comes with experience, Delphine sought a new challenge: a more intimate and manageable gallery. She brings with her management skills and a profound understanding of what makes a gallery thrive. As an advisor in administrative matters and visual merchandising, her eye for detail and efficiency is crucial in the day-to-day operations of El Moderno Gallery.

David Yerga - Creative by nature, David is an image creator with a extensive background in graphic design and art direction. His passion for art and illustration is the beating heart of our gallery. David brings a deep knowledge of the artistic field and an aesthetic vision that helps shape the gallery's identity, carefully selecting each artwork and artist.

At El Moderno Gallery, each piece of art and every design object sold, bears the mark of our shared vision and collective commitment. We seek to inspire, connect, and make art an everyday experience.

Welcome to our world, a place where creativity is celebrated at every turn, and each visit invites you to explore and discover. Here, at El Moderno Gallery, art meets you.