The Art of Tom Haugomat

Tom Haugomat is a prominent French illustrator known for his minimalist and delicate style. With a strong sense of composition that gives his illustrations a cinematic quality, his work is characterized by meticulous attention to detail, the use of negative space, and a reduced pastel palette. 


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Game Boy - Tom Haugomat Risograph A3Game Boy - Tom Haugomat Risograph A3
Cascade - Ton Haugomat Risograph A3Cascade - Ton Haugomat Risograph A3


His compositions are carefully crafted and his inspiration comes from nature and nostalgia for the past. Haugomat's illustrations depict moments in time with great elegance and beauty, evoking a deep desire to exist within them. In addition, he masterfully uses light to highlight certain elements in his work, creating a captivating visual effect.