The Art of Eleanor Doughty

Eleanor Doughty is a Seattle-based illustrator specializing in urban sketching, architecture and urban travel scenes. Her work strives to capture the essence and character of places through everyday scenes.


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Torres Blancas Giclée Print A4Torres Blancas Giclée Print A4
Terrazas Plaza Mayor Giclée Print A4Terrazas Plaza Mayor Giclée Print A4
Plaza del Humilladero Giclée Print A4Plaza del Humilladero Giclée Print A4
Café Pavón Giclée Print A4Café Pavón Giclée Print A4
Café del Nuncio Giclée Print A4Café del Nuncio Giclée Print A4


Eleanor is known for her lighthearted, nostalgic style and her use of soft color palettes and mixed media. Her style is bold and energetic, seeking clarity and visual impact in her drawings.