The Art of Marina Anaya

Is a multidisciplinary plastic artist born in Palencia, Spain. Marina started her professional career doing intaglio engraving, and it continues to be a fundamental part of her work. After engraving came painting, sculpture, jewelry, and ceramics. All progressively and without abandoning the previous ones.


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Islands, seas, oceans 2 - framed


She thinks this is what defines her as an artist, the freedom to express herself in different disciplines and the curiosity to learn the peculiarities of each one of them. Marina's job is not only to design the works, but to make them. It is for this reason that she has learned a little about a lot of different techniques that range from welding, modeling clay, making porcelain, molds, polishing, types of engraving, etc. This allows her to work very directly with the materials and accompany the pieces from the sketch to their final finish. She thinks it is important to vindicate manual processes and put them in value. This is a big part of her philosophy. Marina tries to make the works and processes as respectful as possible, both with the human environment and with the environment. Marina likes to do pieces that don't have an instruction book and thinks that her work is understood with the heart before the brain.