Our Production

Our Giclée Production

At El Moderno Gallery, we manage the production of over 90% of our graphic art catalog. We are constantly seeking artists who create images that not only inspire us aesthetically, but also allow us to establish a deep emotional connection with them. These unique and original images elevate illustration to a rich and contemporary artistic manifestation.

Museum-Quality in Madrid

Our productions are carried out in Madrid and meet museum-quality standards. We use the "Giclée" technique to print on 200-gram Gall'Art paper with water-based inks containing mineral pigments encapsulated in resin. We request reproduction rights from artists, and these rights are exclusive to Giclée print production.

High-Quality Giclée Prints

Giclée printing is a form of digital printing that allows faithful reproduction of limited edition copies with high quality, using paper specifically designed for ink jet printers.

Giclée prints are widely recognized for their extraordinary quality and unique characteristics that set them apart from other reproduction methods. This technique is distinguished by its wide color gamut, precise reproduction of details, and vibrant colors, exceeding expectations in terms of fidelity to the originals. These prints make artists' works accessible to a broader audience.

What is Giclée

The word "Giclée" comes from the French verb "gicler," which translates to "spray" in English. In this process, "Ink Jet" machines are used to apply "water-based" inks with mineral pigments encapsulated in resin, considered as "museum-quality inks" and environmentally friendly.

The Giclée printing technique involves spreading microscopic ink particles on various surfaces previously prepared for this purpose, resulting in a high-quality reproduction. Print resolutions typically range from 1,440 to 1,880 dots per inch, ensuring precise details and vivid colors.

The result of a well-executed Giclée print offers the highest level of printing quality today, making it the ideal method for obtaining reproductions of "digital prints" considered as "original graphic works."

When conservation materials (inks and supports) are used, the Wilhelm Institute Research certifies that the durability of these printed products maintained in home environment conditions can reach 75 years for color prints and 200 years for black and white prints.

To maintain the quality and durability of a Giclée print, it is recommended to frame it to protect it from dust and possible splashes. Additionally, the print should be placed in a location where it does not receive direct sunlight. If you need to clean a framed print with glass, place the frame horizontally with the glass facing up. Then, remove dust from the glass surface with a soft duster or a lint-free cloth to prevent scratching. Dampen a soft, lint-free cloth in a cleaning solution (such as warm water with a few drops of soap) and gently wipe it over the glass surface. It is not necessary to soak the glass with the cleaning solution. Finally, dry the glass with a soft, lint-free cloth to avoid leaving watermarks.

Connection Between Artists and Audience

Our goal is to bridge the gap between artists and the audience, allowing a broader audience to enjoy the creations of artists through reproductions of the highest quality.

Intersection Between the Editorial World and the Art Gallery

We find ourselves in a unique position that combines artistic exposure with editorial reach, enabling us to offer a variety of sizes and open editions to meet the needs and budgets of our clients.

Open Editions

Our editions are open, meaning that we print units based on demand.

Japanese-Style Authenticity Marks

Instead of using signatures, we choose to employ the original seal provided by the author, containing their signature or anagram, as a true authenticity mark, following the tradition of Japanese stamping. Additionally, all our prints include an embossed seal in the bottom left corner, certifying the authorship of the production.

Careful and Eco-Friendly Presentation

The prints are carefully packaged in polypropylene bags with rigid cardboard.

Commitment to Sustainability

Our productions are designed with sustainability in mind, using polypropylene, a plastic recommended by the World Health Organization for food contact and can be reused.

Custom Sizes

At El Moderno Gallery we want to make it easy to adapt the artwork you want to the space where you want to exhibit it. Therefore, we offer the option to order any of the prints you see in our catalog in various pre-established sizes, on demand. Find more information here.

At El Moderno Gallery, we take pride in being the place where lovers of contemporary art can acquire high-quality works at affordable prices. We invite you to explore and enjoy a catalog of works you won't find anywhere else!