The Art of Søren Behncke

Is a Danish artist who works with painting, sculpture, cardboard, installations and street art. To create original art in new dimensions, he likes to work with cardboard and objects found on the street. Behncke is an artist who often pays homage to other painters by creating paintings and graphic works inspired by their photographs or paintings.


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The Feast 2023The Feast 2023
Søren Behncke
The Feast 2023 Sale price429,00€
La Chambre B/R Version 2018La Chambre B/R Version 2018
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Rue des Ponchettes 2022Rue des Ponchettes 2022
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La Danza – Orange / Blue Version 2022La Danza – Orange / Blue Version 2022


This Danish artist has exhibited at Heerup Museum Denmark (2021), Jorn Museum Denmark (2019), Brundlund Slot Art Museum Denmark (2018) and ARoS Denmark (2008). He works with a variety of printmaking techniques, such as lithography and lino cut.