The Art of Dom Salvatore

Born in Caracas (1997) and raised in Madrid, as a child he was fascinated by the graffiti that surrounded his neighborhood, as well as the miniatures he bought at the kiosks. Thus began his romance with art and painting. Although he comes from subcultures of a certain stylistic coarseness, he likes to balance and sometimes give softness and more sensitive images to his works, introducing them with different techniques: graffiti, modeling, lettering or cartoon. His work is influenced by a mix of urban cultures such as hiphop and metal.


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Metrópolis Madrid Lettering Giclee Print A5Metrópolis Madrid Lettering Giclee Print A5
Metropolis Madrid Lettering Giclée Print A4Metropolis Madrid Lettering Giclée Print A4
Madrid Lettering Giclee Print A5Madrid Lettering Giclee Print A5
Chulapo Giclée Print A5Chulapo Giclée Print A5
Chulapa Giclée Print A5Chulapa Giclée Print A5