The Art of Violeta Lópiz

Violeta Lópiz (Ibiza, 1980) is a leading author of children's albums, known for her courage and artistic clarity. In each project, she explores new frontiers of artistic expression and develops a unique visual language. 


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Puerta del Sol Giclée Print A3Puerta del Sol Giclée Print A3
Cine Doré Giclée Print A5Cine Doré Giclée Print A5
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Cine Doré Giclée Print A3Cine Doré Giclée Print A3
Puerta del Sol Giclée Print A4Puerta del Sol Giclée Print A4
Puerta del Sol Giclée Print A5Puerta del Sol Giclée Print A5


She has participated in exhibitions around the world, where her colorful and detailed style has attracted attention. Her works, imbued with a dreamlike and poetic character, evoke sympathy, fragility and beauty. Lópiz's work testifies to her ability to fuse technique, emotion and imagination in a masterful manner.