Casa Atlántica

Home decor, ceramics, baskets, and much more products made responsibly in Spain and Portugal that convey a history and a way of life. Immerse yourself in the colors, materials and feelings of the Mediterranean. 

Casa Atlántica was born from the idea of revaluing everyday objects, combining modern design with traditional craftsmanship. They are committed to a conscious and respectful production.


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Ceramic Swallows Cobalt Blue (Set of 3)Ceramic Swallows Cobalt Blue (Set of 3)
Ceramic Swallows Black (Set of 3)Ceramic Swallows Black (Set of 3)
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Sardine S WhiteSardine S White
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Sardine L Cobalt BlueSardine L Cobalt Blue
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Hand Painted Sardine LHand Painted Sardine L
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Sardine S Cobalt BlueSardine S Cobalt Blue


Casa Atlántica nace de la idea de revalorizar los objetos cotidianos, combinando el diseño moderno con la artesanía tradicional. Es una marca comprometida con una producción consciente y respetuosa.