Sarah Mari Shaboyan in Madrid Recap

Resumen de Sarah Mari Shaboyan en Madrid

By El Moderno Gallery and El Moderno Concept Store.

From March 7 to 9, we had the pleasure of receiving Sarah Mari Shaboyan in Madrid.

They were three days full of events that allowed us to meet and share with Sarah, learn from her work and her talent.


Conference, Exhibition and Signing of Copies at El Moderno Concept Store

Sarah began the visit by delighting us with a talk in which she explained her creative process, how she creates and why it is important to her. He introduced us to his academic training in the world of art, how his characteristic "free and strong" line was born, the world of illustration that he discovered in Moscow, some of his references and the explosive growth of his career in two years thanks to social networks. With special affection, she highlighted her father's love for art and her desire to be an artist since childhood.

At the end of the talk, there was a moment when the artist signed copies of her illustrations for those who wanted to have a nice memory of the illustrator and the opportunity to receive a thank you from her.

In addition, attendees were able to enjoy an exhibition of Sarah's work in the basement of El Moderno Concept Store. They were able to appreciate some of the themes that the artist usually addresses, such as landscapes, crowds, colors, Armenia, among others.

Drawing with Sarah Mari Shaboyan
The tall buildings, the statue of Don Quijote and the trees of Plaza España were the central location in Madrid chosen for this occasion to inspire both Sarah and all the draftsmen who met that rainy morning to trace and delve into the technique of sketching.
Live Portraits
Sarah Mari Shaboyan captivated everyone on her last day at El Moderno Gallery, demonstrating her exceptional talent as a portraitist. During a marathon day, he captured the essence of more than 12 people in live and natural portraits. This event marked the end of a weekend dedicated to drawing and art.

The morning was filled with conversation, intimacy and laughter, providing a unique experience for those portrayed. Through the magic of portraiture and Sarah Mari Shaboyan's original perspective, each person was able to discover aspects of themselves they may not have known.

Discover the illustrations of Sarah Mari Shaboyan and stay tuned for upcoming events and releases from our artists.

We really appreciate everyone who participated in these activities! :)