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Mattias Adolfsson in Madrid Recap

Resumen de Mattias Adolfsson en Madrid

By El Moderno Gallery and El Moderno Concept Store.

From February 2 to 4, we had the pleasure of receiving Mattias Adolfsson in Madrid.

We organized a series of activities that allowed us to share with Mattias, learn more about his work and enjoy his talent.


Drawing workshop with Mattias Adolfsson

We met with Mattias in some of the most emblematic places in the center of Madrid, where we had the opportunity to draw and explore his technique. During the workshop, Mattias shared his sketchbook, showed interest in the work of the participants, and we talked about his creative process, his favorite materials, and valuable advice on illustration. Accompanied by other drawing enthusiasts, we immersed ourselves in the task of capturing the emblematic statues of the city center and the life that unfolds around them in our own style.

Meeting with Mattias Adolfsson and exhibition at El Moderno Concept Store

Mattias gave a talk in which he shared details about his beginnings in drawing, his early years as an illustrator, and the evolution of his style and creative process. During the talk, he explained the symbolism present in his signature self-portraits and shared the sources of inspiration that drive his work. He captivated us with anecdotes about his work, revealed some notable collaborations, and reflected in depth on his artistic career.

This meeting not only enriched our knowledge of Mattias' work, but also allowed participants to appreciate his creations in person and take home a signed illustration as a souvenir.

We also organized a special exhibition of Mattias' work on the lower floor of El Moderno Concept Store. There, visitors had the opportunity to appreciate some of the themes the artist often explores, such as cities, robots, trees, feathers, vehicles, spaceships, and more.

Drawing Workshop with Mattias Adolfsson

On Sunday morning, Mattias surprised passers-by with an impromptu drawing in the window of El Moderno Gallery. This spontaneous demonstration of his creativity not only gave us a beautiful memory of his visit to Madrid, but also delighted those who passed by Calle Cava Baja 47 and had the opportunity to witness his art live.

Prints signature

As a highlight of his visit, Mattias took the time to sign the prints that visitors had purchased in our store, leaving them with a warm memory of his meeting with them.

Check the illustrations of Mattias Adolfsson and stay tuned for upcoming events and releases from our artists.

Thanks to everyone who participated in these activities! :)